About Vikki Espinosa

About Vikki Espinosa

Career Development Strategist, Leadership Transformation Coach, and DEI Specialist

Vikki Espinosa is a Career Strategist and Certified Professional Coach. Through the design and execution of revolutionary programs, Vikki works with individuals, teams, organizations, and managers to bring mobility to employees’ careers.

Today, it is more difficult than ever for managers and employees to make career advances. Companies must intentionally support individuals’ learning and skill growth to retain high-performing teams. 

Known for her fierce advocacy and creativity in helping leaders and employees to advance their careers, Espinosa consistently and actively pursues improvements in the middle layer of large businesses to benefit the majority. 

Vikki Espinosa will reveal how: 

  • Individual job crafting supports organization-wide initiatives. 
  • Career development is critical for employee engagement and work culture. 
  • How job crafting concepts are applicable to any career or position. 

Vikki believes that each of us is Unique and Unrepeatable. In the last 15 years, Vikki has mentored more than 2500 people, providing employees with the tools they need to succeed in their careers through her mentorship, blogging, inspirational talks, webinars, and classroom instruction. 

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Passionate About People

Vikki loves helping people make the most of their time in their work endeavors by finding opportunities to craft a job they enjoy. She understands the importance of having work that inspires, and the value of determining a personal brand and mission.

With enthusiasm and expertise, Vikki encourages people to get uncomfortable and advocate for themselves, working to inspire everyone in the business to rise to the highest standards of people-centered leadership.

To extend her reach, Vikki blogs, crafting her message to support anyone searching for career advice and encouragement.  She works with clients from high-tech firms and guest teaches career development in local Portland high schools. Vikki drove people programs for one of Intel’s divisions and has influenced tens of thousands of careers through her webinars, custom-designed workshops, and classes.  

She resourcefully draws on her extensive experience, network, and subject matter expertise to deliver high-value content and counsel to leaders, managers, and HR professionals. Frequently requested topics include staffing and onboarding, technical and interpersonal skill development, retention and progression, inclusive leadership, personal self-awareness, job crafting, mentorship, and others.

Vikki Espinosa Career Strategist
The Value of Mutual Mentorship

Personal Importance of Mentorship 

Vikki mentors women and underrepresented minorities through programs in the Society of Women Engineers and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. With these groups, she also attends conferences and delivers workshops and inspirational talks to attendees.

Rooted in the belief that women bring a unique voice and experience to developing new products and services, Vikki’s passion for advancing women in technology and the local community is visible. 

Throughout her career, Vikki has established new programs and curricula for employees. Providing them with tactical and practical steps they can take to further their careers; while supporting the flexibility women need as they balance their families or outside interests with the demands of a successful and fulfilling career in high tech.  

Recent Blog Articles:

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Personal job crafting benefits the individual employee and the organization.
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Experiencing Challenges

Overcoming obstacles with grace, tenacity, and vigor is easier with a plan behind you. This is something Vikki understands personally.

In 2009, Vikki struggled to return to work after a catastrophic knee injury that left her permanently disabled. She blogged openly about her accident and the steps she took to recover.

She created a program called “Stab Your Co-Worker” that brings the sport of fencing to both able-bodied and handicapped employees while raising money for local fencers who need financial assistance to achieve their fencing goals.

Through the experience, she is able to use her creativity and energizing spirit to infuse others with confidence and creative ideas as they work to return to work after setbacks.

Vikki Espinosa in top 8 of parafencing national tournament