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Associates of Vikki Espinosa are individuals who have provided their guidance, technical skills, or other support to help Vikki Espinosa & Associates become a reality. These individuals are recognized contributors to VE&A. 

Today, professional success is reliant on a strong network, both online and with in-person colleagues. Throughout her career, Vikki has been looked at as a model for professional networking. She is known among her colleagues for demonstrating, teaching, and transmitting the power of career development to each individual.


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Cyrne Domogolla Vikki Espinosa Associate headshot

Cyrene Domogalla

Cyrene is an Animator and Creative consultant who uses storytelling, visual design, and motion to help clients effectively communicate technical or complicated concepts to their audience. With over 15 years of experience in visual communication, Cyrene enjoys making information more accessible in the form of Explainer Animations. Out of college, she joined Intel, where she ultimately met Vikki. For just over 8 years Cyrene was a graphic designer, then an app and web UI designer, and then grew into motion graphics. Cyrene is also who we have to thank for the Vikki Espinosa & Associates logo.

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Dr. Richard Osibanjo Vikki Espinosa Associate headshot

Dr. Richard Osibanjo

Dr. Richard Osibanjo is a leading expert, author, and keynote speaker in transformational leadership and senior team performance. His work centers on helping senior leaders energize their organizations with bold, transformational strategies that unlock human potential and new market growth. Dr. Richard Osibanjo is a co-founder of CLG. Through his educational foundation Connect-Learn-Grow (CLG), he works with professionals to accelerate their leadership journey, and minority youths to pursue STEM careers through an innovative, project-based outreach program.

Richard’s CLG Program

Julia Espinosa Vikki Espinosa Associate headshot

Julia Espinosa

Julia is a photographer based in Portland, OR with a passion for all types and styles of portraiture. She has a skill for helping people feel comfortable behind the camera, allowing her to capture genuine emotions and stunning portraits. Julia says she prefers “authenticity over ‘aesthetic’” in her shoots and finding what makes the client feel most confident and true to themselves, rather than trying to fit into any specific style. She is the photographer responsible for nearly all of Vikki’s headshots within the last decade, along with various other images found on this website. 

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Nina Hambleton Vikki Espinosa Associate headshot

Nina Hambleton

Nina is a marketing consultant to those scaling their business. She has worked with organizations and independents from a variety of industries to create long-term strategic plans to further develop marketing efforts while staying on track toward business goals. She can spot potential weaknesses in processes from a mile away, and with a passion for finding creative solutions to complex problems, Nina is a wonderful asset to those looking to reach their goals. She particularly enjoys business development and market strategy for innovative tech, because “there’s nothing better than knowing each day will be different.”

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Sarah Moyle Vikki Espinosa Associate headshot

Sarah Moyle

Sarah Moyle is a Creative Catalyst and Visual Storyteller, a role she created for herself at Intel and as a Freelance Consultant. She specializes in visual thinking and explanation and has worked with various types of teams in the technology and healthcare industries. Her podcast, “the Playful Creative,” is a place to explore how playfulness, art, curiosity, and creativity enrich the human experience. Sarah enjoys helping groups get their creative juices flowing, and plans to continue expanding her skills with other creative methods of facilitation, storytelling, and communication.

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