Job Crafting Workshop

3.5 Hour in person Workshop

**PREWORK ENCOURAGED** Pre-Work activities can take from 1 to 3 hours.  Upon registration, you will receive an email with the pre-work.

Job crafting cultivates work engagement and satisfaction in the workforce and provides a systematic tool to empower attendees to seed development conversations. Employees and organizations benefit from job crafting as a way of sparking new meaningfulness or rekindling old meaningfulness in long-held jobs.

After completing the course, participants should be able to:
• Craft their jobs to better suit their values, strengths and passions.
• Analyze their current or future job and identify changes to their role that will boost the meaningfulness of their work activities, and more efficiently allocate their time and energy in their current job.
• Enable proactive reshaping of the boundaries of their jobs using three job crafting techniques: task, relational and cognitive.

Through a hands-on exercise, attendees will actively redesign and reframe their own jobs, providing a complementary perspective to traditional, top-down views of job design. The Job Crafting™ Exercise helps you make your job more fulfilling and engaging. This interactive tool allows you to view your job as a flexible set of building blocks. Using this unique perspective, you create a visual plan for redesigning your job to better suit your values, strengths, and passions.

The result is a more optimal fit between you and your job, boosting your happiness and effectiveness at work.

May 9, 2024

3:00 PM – 6:30 PM (PST)

Eleete Lounge (downstairs)
9200 SW Barnes Rd. Portland, OR 97225


Across from St. Vincent’s Hospital


Per Person or 

$100 if you buy two seats at once

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Cost of Workshop includes Workbook


Are you happy with your job?

Do you wish you could make changes to make your work more enjoyable? Are you happy with your role, but know it could be even better?

While learning the basics of job crafting, you’ll be walked through an activity that will highlight possible opportunities for you to make changes to your role.

At the end of the session, you will have new skills and a documented plan to set you up for more fulfillment and enjoyment in your current role. 

After the session, you will be able to immediately apply the concepts to your tasks when you get back to work. The concepts you will learn can be applied repeatedly as you change roles and companies.  You’ll also be set up to have a Career Conversation with your manager.

How It Works

It’s easy to apply the concepts of job crafting to everyday work life to craft a career your love. Read about how.


Join us! 


Learn the core job crafting concepts.


See positive results that same day.

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Vikki is an Inclusion Champion & Career Development Superhero. She equips teams, leaders, managers, and individual contributors with resources, coaching, techniques, and tools that enhance work culture, and enable career growth and progression. She consistently and actively pursues improvements in the middle layer of large businesses to benefit the majority.

Simply put, I’m honored to know and work with Vikki.

Ralph E.

Inclusive Leader and Technologist, Intel

About your Instructor

About Your Instructor:

Throughout her career, Vikki has been a mentor, coach, strategist, and career development catalyst with hundreds of individuals.

Her coaching will help you to identify your strengths, then she’ll work with you to construct a strong portfolio of customized tools to help develop and guide you through your career journey.