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Bring Vikki into the conversation if your company is working to build scalable career development programs for employees.

Organizations are faced with more challenges, unpredictability, and competition than ever before. We are having to do more with less, while still trying to innovate. Teams feel stretched thin, and resources may be running low.

Especially today, change is basically guaranteed and we cannot avoid distractions or disruptions entirely. One of the best ways to ensure your organization is well-prepared for change is by supporting your employees’ individual skill growth.

By applying the concepts of job crafting across an organization’s workforce, a wave of untapped motivation and inspiration lifts every employee. Processes improve, engagement and productivity rise, and new innovation comes to light.

If your organization is working to implement a scalable career development program for its employees, connect with Vikki. You’ll work together to develop a custom solution that best fits the needs of your workforce.

Articles, Exercises, and other Resources:

The Value of a Functional Resume

Some years back, I was coaching at a resume workshop when I overheard a fellow coach discussing a different way of presenting accomplishments. I love learning from others and took some time to listen to what she was advising at her table since her advice differed from...

Public Speaking

If your organization is planning an event and in need of an engaging speaker, consider adding Vikki to the agenda. Whether you are trying to reinvigorate your industry, strengthen the internal culture of a company, or have another specific message in mind, Vikki will work with you to meet that goal.

It is rare to find a person that connects with people on a personal level in front of a large audience, at a meeting, and one on one. Vikki is a triple threat and does it all. She leaves people enlightened and energized. 

Vikki is a perfect choice for any event when you need a coach, mentor, and speaker that can communicate and motivate. With unmatched enthusiasm and expertise, she’ll create a memorable experience that resonates with your audience immediately. 

Vikki is a gifted public speaker. Because she has many years of experience in both speaking and teaching courses, she is well versed a variety of creative storytelling methods which ensures her audience is connected to both her and her topic. Her charming and positive personality brings a special “something” to each presentation she does. She is one of my go-to Intel leaders when scheduling both large and small events. If you want a knowledgeable and engaging speaker, choose Vikki.

Tonya H.M.

Chief of Staff, Intel

Public Speaking from Vikki Espinosa

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Live Keynote

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Event MC

Onboarding Media

Upcoming Events:

Job Crafting 101

A 1-Hour Introductory Workshop

In Job Crafting 101, you’ll learn the three crafting techniques at the heart of the job crafting exercise. Each will enable you to examine activities you do each day and change them better to suit you and your career development needs. The concepts you will learn can be applied repeatedly as you change roles and companies.