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Empowering employees to craft a job they love

Are you happy with your job?

Vikki invites you to sign up for Job Crafting 101, where you will learn how to boost your psychological well-being, engagement, and performance.

Do you feel like you have control over the tasks you must complete? Do you wish you could make changes to make your job more enjoyable? Are you happy with your role and know it could be even better?

Job Crafting 101 is a one-hour introductory workshop where you will learn how to take control of your work and design tasks that are meaningful, fulfilling, and aligned with your passions, strengths, and values.

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About Vikki Espinosa

Vikki Espinosa is a Career and Leadership Development Strategist, helping people navigate their careers and empowering employees to craft a job they love.

From self-discovery to promotion, preparing for the next role, or dealing with having lost their job – this is where individuals or teams benefit from Vikki’s expertise.

With a passion for communicating ideas in different ways to all kinds of audiences, Vikki brings an enthusiastic energy that inspires people to take action.

Whether through dynamic public speaking events, her blog or podcast, or through one-on-one coaching, Vikki dispenses practical and tactical career advice from a place of empathy, and the understanding that while we all may face similar hurdles during our careers, we each require our own unique solution to fit our needs.

If you are an individual ready to make a life-changing career pivot, or an organization ready to create an inclusive environment focused on career growth and opportunity for your employees, Vikki can help.

About Vikki Espinosa

Are you looking to find more meaning in your work?

Are you having trouble hearing your inner voice? Through a guided process of self-discovery and actionable career development, career strategist Vikki Espinosa can help you find a role where every day doesn’t need to feel like work.

Change Able – Resilience in Practice

Your ability to change is a crucial tenant of career development success.  As we work in various roles, our peers, the company, and the world around us continue to evolve. We don't have much control over anything other than our behavior, thoughts, and reactions.  As...

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Tips & Tricks for Changing Jobs

Graceful Transitions You’ve been scanning jobs online, checking in with your growing network and interviewing for new positions. Finally – it happens. You are offered a new role, you accept and it’s time to transition. Now what? I get this question pretty...

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Real Testimonials

Effervescent enthusiasm meets effective execution leading to impactful outcomes – that is how I sum up Vikki. She works beyond organizational boundaries and hierarchies to improve audience engagement to make a meaningful impact.

Anil Kumar

Principal Engineer, System Architect, Leadership Coach, Intel

Vikki is energetic, knowledgeable, and genuine – she truly cares about people and empowers them to reach their goals. Thanks to Vikki, my confidence increased, my career objectives grew clearer, and I was able to land my next role at Intel.

Beth Woodward

Communications and Events Manager, Intel